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Honista APK


v9.1 (Latest)


97.50 MB




For Android




Social Media



Are you wondering about downloading Instagram media without using a third-party app? No Worries! Here is the Honista APK which can help you to get your interested content from Instagram like images, videos and Stories with a single click. Honista is 100% Secure for Instagram users

Honista is a moded version of the original Instagram app with an excellent user experience. Honista mod apk gives you a new way to explore Instagram according to your preferences. This is 100% secure and compatible with your Android device.

What is the Honista APP?

Honista app is an application that is developed to fulfil the needs of the user. It’s a pro version of the original Instagram and has some more unique features. After installing this app users don’t need to download another app like viewing Insta profile photos, downloading reels, or many more. Honista is not a legal app you can download it at your own risk. Try not to use the information of your official Instagram account on the Honista apk.

Moded Features of Honista

Honista Mod version has unique and very amazing features rather to the original Instagram. These features attract the user and fulfill their requirements. Here are some features of the Honista app.

Updated all Time

The Honista APK is updated all the time, and the developer of this application tries to add more features to Honista to improve user experience. You can check about the updates of the Honsta app within the application’s settings. If new updates come the app will automatically be updated. 

Privacy and Security

Installing any application the first question that arises in the mind of the user is, even this application secure and safe? So, with every update, the developer of this application tries to work on the security of the user. In the latest version of the Honista app, the conversion encryption feature is being introduced to make this app more secure. 

Chat lock options are also introduced in the latest version to make it more secure and safe. The account privacy can be changed from the setting option of the application.

Unlimited Customization

The Honista Latest version offers so many customized options according to the user’s preference. The user can change the interface of the application according to their like and dislikes. The customized features include dark or light mode, theme changing, Customized background chat box, different kinds of chat emojis, and changing the fonts.

Free Download

The best feature of the Honista Pro is that is free to download. You don’t need to buy any kind of subscription to use this app. The downloading link of the Honista app is given in this article you can simply click on that button and can download it easily.

User-Friendly Interface

Honista Pro APK is the same as Instagram and most users are aware of the interface of Instagram. So you will not feel any kind of hesitation while using this app. All the settings are like Instagram but this application has some advanced features.

Premium Professional tools

Honista provides premium tools to the user so they dont need to install another app for different tasks. By using these tools users can do different tasks in one go like downloading reels or images of Instagram, the cover photos of the videos, caption copy, and playing the Instagram video in the player of the mobile phone.

Internet Consumption Control

Internet consumption is a very huge problem for Instagram users but Honista users do not need to worry about Internet consumption. The user can download the image in low quality to manage the internet usage. Users can also delete the posts that contain videos to save the internet.

Backup Setting

Honista app has a backup setting that is very beneficial for the user. Users can back up the images, videos, and conversations of their accounts while downloading the new version of this application. 

Downloading Media is Easier

Honista makes downloading the install content easier. In the Honista app, there is an icon for download is available on each posted story or reel. You just need to click on that icon and that video or image will be downloaded. This is known as the direct method of downloading media. You can also choose and customize the media by using the magic wand icon which is known as the customized method of downloading media.

Secure Ghost Mood

Honista provides a very exclusive feature to its users that other applications may not provide.  The secure ghost feature gives users freedom and full security to play safe. The user can watch the stories of another person without knowing them. You can also see the conversion without knowing the other person. You can join the live broadcast but the other person gets notified. You can even copy the captions of the other persons without getting caught. The Honista app has very updated features that the original Instagram account.

Content and AD Control

To make the Honista app useful for every user it features control of the ads or content. The user can remove the sponsored ads, sponsored ads, and suggested ads. Furthermore, user can select their interest content area and can see the content they like to watch.

How to Download Honista APK for Android?

Download the latest version of Honista apk by following these steps: 

  • The Honista apk file is uploaded to this article
  • Click on the download button
  • The fill will download to your phone storage
  • Now click on the file manager and click on the download folder
  • The file with its name will be uploaded there
  • Click on the file and install the file
  • The app will installed on your phone
  • Follow all the instructions and make an account for your use
  • Now enjoy the Instagram apk media like reels and post without any instructions.

Honista apk download for PC/Mac

The Honista APK download is very interactive and used to engage with social media. Every Mac or PC user wants to install this application but downloading the Android application on a PC or Mac is not easy.

To download the Android application on pc you have to use third-party tools which are called Android emulators. The emulators that can be used for this purpose are LDplayer or Bluestack.

What’s New in Honista 9.1 Version?

The Latest version of Honista APK has some amazing features as mentioned below:

Enhanced Design Features:

  • New magic buttons
  • Story buttons
  • Post buttons

Improved Notification System:

  • Directly read conversations from notifications

Media Downloading:

  • Download cover photos of videos directly to the phone’s local storage

User Interface:

  • One-click full post information display

Performance Boosts:

  • Faster downloading of videos and images

App Stability:

  • Stability improvements
  • Bug fixes based on user feedback

Alternatives of Honista APK

Honista app is the best alternative to Instagram but there are many alternatives to Honista available. The most famous options of the Honista app are font style, story editor, and Instaup Pro tip.


Honsita Apk can be the best alternative to the Instagram official app because of its moded features. In this article, I have explained why you can use the Honsite app and why it is useful. 
The features that attract the users are customized options, privacy and security, easier media installation, professional tools, and backup options. The downloading of the Honsita app is very easy and secure.


Honista app is an Android application that is a moded version of the original Instagram application.

The most valued and unique feature is the direct download of the videos and images without using a third-party app.

Yes, the developer of this app trying their best to make it safe and secure. Still, it’s a moded version of the original Instagram so it may be a little risky. 

The latest version of Honista apk is V9.1.

In the Honista app, you can customize the quality of the videos and images which may reduce internet consumption.

Yes, but to download an Android application on a PC you must install a third-party app like Bluestack.

Yes, the developer of the Honista app is very concerd about customer satisfaction so you feel very easy while using this app.,