Honista Old Versions For Android

Honista Old Versions For Android

In this evolving world of social media, exploring the world through social media become more trendy. These trends change from time to time. Honista apk is a social media application that helps you in exploring the world with its latest and old versions.

Every version of the Honista application comes with some unique features that are not available in the previous one. The old version of the Honista APK list will be provided to the user so they don’t need to face any problems while downloading the old versions.

Honista APK All Old Versions

Honista V9.1 Latest

Honista V8.2 Old

Honista V8.1 Old

Honista V8.0 Old

Honista V7.2 Old

Honista V7.1 Old

Honista V7.0 Old

Honista V6.1 Old

Honista V6.0 Old

Honista V5.0 Old

Honista V4.1 Old

Why do users prefer the Old Version to the New Version?

Some users preferred the old version rather than the new version for some reasons. The reasons a

Friendly Interface

Some users have used the Honista app for a long time so they didn’t care about the new version updates. They adjust themselves to the version of the application that they a using for a long time. The new version update didn’t affect them and they feel comfortable using the old version.

Compatible with their Devices

Compatibility of the version of many applications with the device can be the main reason why the user didn’t switch to the new version. The old version of the application was installed on the device and didn’t affect the data and the storage of the device.

Acquaintance with old features

Every update of any Android application comes with some more advanced features. Some users are bound by the old features of the application. They didn’t want to have any other changes in the application that they were using so they preferred to use the old version.

Stability of the old version

The new version of any application comes with some bugs and glitches which may affect the user experience of the old users. So most users preferred the old version to avoid those bugs and glitches re-explained in detail.


  • The old version is simple and easy to use
  • The user is familiar with the interface of the old version
  • The performance of the old version of Honista apk is good on mobile
  • The user is well aware of the features of the old version
  • The user won’t need to face any bugs or glitches in the old version


  • The old versions are not secured as the latest version
  • The features in the latest version are more updated
  • The interface of the latest version is more user-friendly
  • Downloading the media from the Honista app becomes easier in the latest version

Why prefer the Latest version of Honista APK?

Talking about the latest version of the Honista app, this application is very useful for users who are very concerned with social media accounts. There any features of the new version of Honista apk like safe and secure, ghost mode privacy, downloading media with just one click, and many more. 

As we know the Honista app is the moded version of Instagram and has more added features. These features attract users and help them to explore social media with more interest.


In conclusion, Honista apk is the best application that can be used instead of Instagram or any other social media application. The modest and advices features of the Honista app make it unique to others. All the old versions with the latest versions are given above. Userc can install any version of their preference on one click. Some reasons are explained in detail why users like to use the old version rather than the new version.


There are many old versions available but the latest one is V8.2 with all advanced features.

There are many reasons why users preferred the old version like compatibility with the phone, stability, and performance.

There are many features like in the updated version ghost mode is more secure and downloading media is more easier.

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